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American Indigenous Indian Super PAC


The Super-PAC was created and developed to parlay the strength of our First Nation lineage; by fighting  for political recognition, justice, equity and  civil rights of all un - incorporated ,  Indigenous  American Indians,  aka  ( African Americans, Copper colored/ Native Black Americans )  


Self Empowerment and Cultural enlightenment, through historical and political alliances, and education; Creating, self esteem and demanding respect for the original American Indian and our ancestors.  

First of its kind, grass roots Independent Political action committee and platform created by and for a specific American Indian bloodline, those indigenous to North America. 

Platform Objective: 


Presidential Executive Order, Presidential Proclamation of  Recognition, Protective Class Status, Retroactive Equity, Tax Exception, Free Education, Trade/Vocational Training, Internships/mentoring development and return of Land, including mineral, air, and water rights.


Webster's Dictionary Revamp Definition: AMERICANS


Placing  original Americans definition back into Webster's current Dictionary, publicly denounce Walter Plecker and the Racial Integrity Act  of 1924 as "Paper Genocide." The Racial Integrity Act of 1924 was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in The Commonwealth of Virginia vs the Lovings (an interracial marriage outlawed by The Commonwealth of Virginia Racial Integrity of 1924). Walter A. Plecker, helped write the law and lobbied to have the law pass the Virginia Senate. Walter A. Plecker was head of the Virginia Department of Health and Vital Statistics from 1912 until his murder in 1947. Plecker was an active  member of the Eugenics Movement.



Diane Blackmon Bailey, FB


The Great Tellico, Chota, OverHills,  Cherokee Country, North America. (Tennessee)  Powhatan, Californians -East Texas Amerindian. 



Official  American Indigenous Indian Lobbyist

Donnie Lee Walton, Walton Outreach Foundation 

Washington DC / California  


For Info:

Email:  or.  

20321 Blythe Street,  Winnetka California 91306

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